Please pray for Ladies’ Code



It was also announced that two members are in critical condition (So Jung and the other member hasn’t been confirmed)

Today is also So Jung’s birthday. Please keep these girls in your thoughts and prayers.

164-166/ Airport Soshi

Anonymous said:
honest question (sorry for being dumb) but in what ways has yg shown that he's biased to hanbin/team b. i mean i knew he seemed to prefer team b over a during the who is next but then again team a got a lot of screen time during win if compared to the other three members of team b.


  • always reminding Team A that Team B was better 
  • always excusing Team B when they did something wrong but not doing the same for Team A
  • B.I copied parts of his choreos on WIN but YG never said anything about it
  • Team B always went for GD songs because it was easier, but Team A was the only one always criticized for every little thing they did
  • He gave Team B GD as a tutor, and we all know what YG thinks of GD (I’m not saying Taeyang is not good, but from YG point of view it’s easier to see who he prefers between the two)
  • during WINNER TV he reminded WINNER that B.I was more hardworker than them
  • he forced WINNER to debut with a song composed by B.I and Bobby though they had plenty of worthy songs on their own and B.I never distinguished himself for composing skills
  • B.I failed on SMTM and was supposed to leave YG but guess what in the end he didn’t
  • B.I is one of the 3 members that will debut for sure on iKON even though he fucked up 
  • he said just today he loves B.I because he reminds him of GD
  • he said he loves him
  • he said he loves someone who only raps about YG and his money and didn’t even manage to make himself worthy on a fucking rappers show, but he doesn’t praise WINNER for all the shit they’ve achieved in less than one month since their debut